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Musician and Composer, artist of bowed and plucked instruments of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern traditions.

Composer of original music which integrates elements of East and West, giving new expression to ancient musical traditions.

Photo by Alex Apt

Boaz Galili was born in 1981 in a small town in the Galilee, Northern Israel. As a child, he was exposed to music at an early age through his father’s guitar playing, as well as through local music evenings that were an important part of his local community's life.

Later in his youth, he was strongly drawn to the world of sounds, choosing to focus on musical performance and creation professionally.

As an adult, he decided to focus on performing traditional music, from which he draws his inspiration, evident in his original compositions.

In Israel He studied with Israeli musician and composer Piris Elyahu, the Radif – a collection of many old melodic figures preserved through many generations by oral tradition. Later he travelled many times to Turkey and Greece to study the traditional music of these regions.    Over the years he has studied privately and participated in seminars/master classes with teachers such as Derya Turkan, Stelios Petrakis, Kelly Thoma, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Ross Daly, Zacharias Spyridakis, Nermin Koygusuz, and others.

 Later he continued his studies at the Root Music Program of the "Hed" College of Music for three years, led by Piris Elyahu. These studies covered both Western and Eastern music practice, theory and composition, and were taught by Piris Elyahu and others, including Mark Elyahu, with whom he has studied the Kamanche.


Boaz sings and plays instruments such as the Lyra, kamanche, Guitar, Persian Tar and more. He also uses Loop station and effects in his solo concerts and workshops.

Since 2010 Boaz has performed in many concerts and festivals including: The International Oud Festival in Jerusalem, The klezmer Festival in Safed, Acre international fringe theatre festival, Sounds of the Old City Festival in Jerusalem, at the national library of Israel, The Sufi Festival, Israel Yoga Festival, Loom Zoom International online dance seminar, Jerusalem Dance Festival, Memphis Festival and many more festivals and musical projects.

In 2007/8 He was a member of the Andalusian Orchestra of Maalot and over the years participated in diverse projects and Ensembles encompassing a broad musical repertoire such as Balkan, Turkish, Persian, Armenian, Greek, Cretan, Sephardic, Hassidic, and Jewish liturgical music and more.

Since 2016 Boaz composed and arranged music to several dance choreographies, films and seminars. Among these works are: "Renewal" by Avidan Ben Giat that took place in Tokyo, Japan – 2016. "Makam" by Orit Shaul that took place in Acre international fringe Theatre festival of Israel – 2018. Music for "Loom Zoom - International Gathering of Music and Dance that took place in Germany – 2020. Music for the film Against the flow by Chen Rotem and Omer Yifman that took place at the Galil Adventure Film Festival – 2021. 

In 2018 Boaz was invited to Astana Kazakhstan to represent Israel at the International convention/competition named after Tlep Aspantaiuly for bowed string folk instruments performers.

Since 2017 Boaz founded his Ensemble and several musical projects that performs with some of his many compositions. Among these projects are:

"Nevia"- original instrumental music which gives a new expression to an ancient inspiration and to many years of deep inner and musical research. It uniquely consists a diverse range of musical influences including Persian, Turkish, Greek, Balkan, Jewish, Western and more. 

Concert which moves between a quite, touching, single sound to a great celebration of joy.

"Neharot"- new original songs and tunes composed to texts from Psalms, "Song of songs and Liturgical songs of the Jewish ethnic groups. Concert which gives expression to the deep inspiration creates of the mergence between ancient words and the melodies hidden within them.

"Roots in the water"- a unique "musical bridge" between the art of melodies and improvisation of the east, and the western culture which aspires harmonization.

Original music which is influenced from ancient musical motives and rhythms accompanied by the Piano ,which gives the music a whole new sound. 

Boaz receives great inspiration from his strong connection to Nature and from the culture which surrounds him. Choosing to spend time in distant places in Galilee region as well as living for several years in the ancient city, Jerusalem, exposed him in many ways to the uniqueness of a country and a region which holds within it a fascinating merge of so many cultures and traditions.

In recent years, Boaz has been engaged a lot in composing music for ancient texts and for the texts and songs that he writes himself. The workshops he leads integrates live music, sound meditation and meditative and harmonic singing. These workshops in many ways are being an expression of the deep and long process he is going through as a person who chose music as a way of life.

As a composer, Boaz is much inspired from the many magnificent musical traditions he encountered as well as the vast cultural heritage and ancient traditions of his homeland. His compositions represents an honest reflection of his own inner journey in life. 

His music offers a new and original interpretation to the fascinating interaction between East and West, between ancient and modern, and between the individual person and the global society.


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