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Healing Music & Sound Meditation

צילום: טל גליק

Laying down with our eyes closed we will allow ourselves to leave everything behind, let go completely and dive deep into ourselves and into a vast ocean of sounds.

Listening to soothing sounds of pleasant vocal harmonies and diverse musical instruments we will become more and more present and mindful of our breath and our emotions.

Letting the sounds resonate with our being we will relax our body and mind and go into a meditation state allowing deep healing processes to occur within us.

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Sound Ocean  

Harmonic & Meditative singing

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Through deep listening we will go into a meditative journey of ancient sounds and ancient lyrics.

Singing and chanting together we will connect to the deeply hidden places within our souls and experience the great bliss of powerful harmonies emerging out of us as a new oasis of creation.


"Boaz has a special charm. This is not a performance in which someone makes a show and boasts of his abilities. Beyond the wonderful soul sound, there is a warm, soulful, human, humble presence, which creates a special spiritual quality of fraternity, gentleness of mind, openness. That is, beyond the great music there is a rare human quality, which corresponds to the rare singing that occurs in the encounters that Boaz leads and guides. The wonderful impression of the music remains with me even now".
Yair Ronen

"We had an amazing experience when Boaz was performing in our community. His music and voice made the atmosphere pleasant and especially was exciting the connection he created with the audience when he guided us in a good and precise way in to unique and powerful singing. Thank you for the amazing show and for the very special experience of singing together". Odelya Angel, Cultural Coordinator - Hararit, Israel

"Boaz Galili is a unique and original musician, highly talented both as performer and composer.
Boaz has participated as a musician in two of my choreographies.  With sensitivity and attentiveness to the movement of the dancers, he composed original music that completed the stage action. In his playing, Boaz touches the cords of the heart and connects ancient cultures and traditions with the soul and the sublime.
As a player, composer and presenter, Boaz brings a pleasant spirit, a heartfelt connection, tremendous talent, extensive experience and extensive musical and performance knowledge".
Orit Shaul, Choreographer.

"I was at a Sound Ocean by Boaz Galili in the spring of 2022 as a part of Sheikh Abreik festival in the north of Israel.
Boaz masterfully played different instruments, pouring sounds out of unique instruments into the beautiful space we were floating in. The melodies pierced through the clutter in my mind and vibrated in my soul, moving me and inviting me deeper. The delicate chanting at the end of the workshop, accompanied by bright fingerpicking on a guitar, filled my heart with a sense of hope.

I would definitely go to another Sound Ocean by Boaz".
Margarita Galper

Boaz is a gifted musician who plays many instruments.
He composes and performs personal and other material.
Boaz Plays solo and in ensembles.
He founded  bands over the years, taught many students, worked with choirs, and conducted workshops.
Boaz is very creative, and his concerts are always different and unconventional, usually involving the audience and interactive.
Boaz is a very humble person, despite his great talent and rare musical abilities.
He loves people and is very communicative and adapts himself to each and every one according to his needs - that is why he is very successful as a teacher and leader of workshops and choirs.
Everyone who works with Boaz enjoys his calmness, musical knowledge, and desire to express human messages and emotions through music.

I wholeheartedly recommend Boaz for any job related to music, performing, training, or communication with people.
Best regards, 
Zohar Dayan
Director of the Music Center
Migdal HaEmek - Israel.

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